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Oil dampers provide motion control and speed by using an oil damping process through extension, compression or both. They are widely used in situations where an object needs to move slowly in any direction, with minimal noise. Specifications with damping over the entire stroke contain only oil, and the motion control and movement of mass is influenced through the use of different nozzles and oil viscosities.

1. 3 year warranty
2. Passed the TUV fatigue test 100,000 times, demonstrating the quality and reliability
3. Customized specifications available upon request, based on different designs.

Drawing with measures
  • Different colors according to request
  • Gas damper provides motion control and speed by using oil damping in either extension, compression, or both directions
  • Application

Specifications shown above are reference only. Please contact us directly for a quote regarding specially made dampers.

MODEL NUMBER Extended Length (mm) Stroke (mm) Cylinder Dia (mm) Piston rod Dia (mm)
ZQL173*45*15*6*50N 173 45 15 6
ZQL200*50*18*8*100N 200 50 18 8
ZQL200*50*22*10*80N 200 50 22 10
ZQL335*115*22*10*100N 335 115 22 10

Our product is widely used in Australia, America and Europe.

We offer three-years warranty for oil damper.

All gas springs are packed by cartons.

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