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Dirt-proof Gas Charged Lift Support and Gas Strut

Lift Gas Spring with Dirt Resistant Boot
Lift gas springs are the most common gas springs due to their compact, high force solutions in a wide array of lifting and buffering applications. To ensure they run smoothly for long periods of time, we recommend a gas spring with a dirt resistant boot that is used to protect the piston rod from dirt and exposure to a polluted environment.

Nearly any size and type of lift gas spring provided by us can be outfitted with this boot upon request.
Each spring has undergone extensive TUV testing, demonstrating the long and reliable service life, and is covered under a 3 year warranty.

We also do customized options based on your requirements for lift gas springs with a dirt resistant boot. Please contact us directly for a quote.

Our product is widely used in Australia, America and Europe.

Drawing with measures
  • Dirt-proof boot
  • Different sizes
  • Nearly any size and type of lift gas spring can be outfitted with this boot

We offer three-years warranty for gas spring with protective cap.

All gas springs are packed by cartons.

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