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Automatic Vent Opener

What does an automatic greenhouse vent opener do?
Automatic vent openers in greenhouses are a cylinder with a special liquid inside that powers a greenhouse vent or door open or closed when temperatures change. This is done automatically in order to maintain the best growing temperature and prevent the greenhouse from overheating.

How does the vent opener work?
As the sun increases the temperature inside the greenhouse, the thermostat will indicate the rising temperature. This signals the vent opener to push fluid into the piston, and the piston then opens the window. When the sunlight and temperature decrease, the fluid in the thermostat will compress, and the vent will close under its own weight.

We offer three types of automatic vent openers with two different liquid options.
These high quality automatic vent openers are covered under a one year warranty.

  • Automatic vent opener LX-KCQ02
  • Automatic vent opener LX-KCQ01
  • Automatic vent opener LX-KCQ05 with QPQ piston rod
  • Automatic vent opener LX-KCQ06 with QPQ piston rod
  • QPQ piston rod
  • Application
  • Application

Our product is widely used in Russia, Belarus and Germany

We offer one-year warranty for automatic vent opener for greenhouse.

All products are packed by cartons.

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