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About Long Xiang

Tired of loud noises when replacing the foot rest on a recliner, or the hood of a car not staying in place when trying to work on the engine? Take a look at Changzhou Long Xiang Gas Spring Co., Ltd.'s extensive line of high quality compression gas springs and other gas springs. Located in the Wujin District of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, our proximity to Shanghai makes logistics and meeting with customers easy.

What do we provide?

Our main products include lift gas springs, lockable gas springs, tension gas springs, dampers and automatic vent openers for greenhouses, as well as many more. These products are then widely used in machinery, electronic installation, electronic advertisements, vehicles, tool boxes, furniture and much more.


We passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification, as well as ISO/TS 16949 certification. Our gas springs have passed TUV fatigue tests more than 180,000 times, demonstrating the long term service life, as well as passing RoHS certification standard and more than 144 hour long satl spray tests.
Our annual capacity is 7.5million pieces in more than a million specifications. Some of these are provided to research institutions in order to research and develop new products for the industry, and 80% of our output is exported all around the world.

Our Custom Services

Our promise is that each gas spring will undergo extensive testing, in order to ensure the quality, as well as a promise of on-time delivery. Our goal is to ensure each and every customer receives the best quality products and services, and are thus satisfied about the resulting performance of their gas springs. If you have any requests, or wish for more information, please contact us. Customized options require information from the customer, including the extension length, stroke, and pressure so that we may design the right gas spring for your needs.

Production strength

Long Xiang is a gas spring manufacturer which is located in Changzhou with well-developed manufacturing industry. Long Xiang has more than 200 employees. Among them, 30 are technology R&D and quality control personnel. Our company established a perfect inspection system with the help of advanced inspection equipment sets. We have been certified by ISO9001:2000 and TS16949. The springs produced by Long Xiang also took the lead in passing the 180,000 times of fatigue testing of TUV, Germany, SGS testing, ROHS standard and 96 hours of salt spray testing of TUV. The annual production capacity of our factory can be 6 million gas springs. The products can be divided into 6 main series and more than 1000 specifications with high quality. 80% of the products have been exported to different countries. Long Xiang has years of experience in foreign trade and mature foreign trade team. The employees have a good command of English, Russian, Spanish, Korean etc. They are also familiar with all the trade flow and trade usage all over the world.
We promise that all the gas spring will be strictly inspected to ensure the quality. And the delivery will be on time. We can attract our customer with high quality products and strengthen the relationship with the customers with high level services, making sure that our customers feel relieved to use our products.
Our goal is to produce the best gas spring in the world and establish a world class gas spring manufacturer. And the price of our products is competitive in the world.
The high quality lockable gas spring, furniture gas spring, tool box gas spring, cabinet gas spring, air rifle gas spring, traction gas spring, damper and automatic vent opener produced by Long Xiang are widely used in machinery industry, electronic equipment, safe, advertising lamp box, transportation equipment, construction machinery, wood-working machine, furniture industry, trunk, hood, side box supporting, textile machinery, medical equipment, fitness equipment etc. We can ensure the product quality as well as providing world class service. If you need supporting and damping spring for your product, please contact us. We can design the high quality gas spring you needed for free as long as you provide us with the installation specification, stroke and pressure. Long Xiang has provided high quality products directly or indirectly for Gree, Haier, Siemens, Samsung, LG, CIMC, Lenovo, HP, Hisense, PANDA, IKEA, Kuka, UE, Silverbus, Ford, HEAVY DUTY TRUCK GROUP, Hangcha, Deli, HPGC and more than 20 scientific research institutions such as 60th research institution of the headquarters of the general staff, medical equipment institution, 713th and 707th institution of CSIC, Shanghai agricultural machinery research institution, 39th research institution of CETC, Chengdu aeronautical facility research institution.

About Long Xiang

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