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Furniture industry

Advantages: the products are highly environment friendly. They are certified by SGS and RoHS.
Case: for the furniture market of Vietnam, the gas spring should pass the RoHS, so as all the parts. The gas spring itself has passed RoHS testing, but it is difficult for the parts such as ends of stay wire and handle etc. We communicate with the manufacturer of the parts for several times. The parts are tested and then delivered to the customers, thus perfectly satisfy the requirements of the customers.
Recommended products: sofa gas spring, bed gas spring, controllable gas spring of Vietnam, cabinet gas spring.

Automobile spare parts industry

Advantages: complete in specification and joints.
Case: we made several sets of molds for joints to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
Recommended products: automobile gas spring.


We have high requirements on fatigue testing results of gas spring. It should have good buffering performance. For the functions of the products, we try to 100% satisfy the requirements of all the customers via communication, adapting and R&D strength.

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