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Custom Service

We are a professional manufacturer of gas springs, and carry out customization processes according to customer requests for different designs.
We can easily catch the struts according to design drawings or samples, as well as customize the length, stroke and pressure to ensure the final gas spring meets all of your requirements.
If you're looking for quality customer service, we will do everything possible to meet your requirements.

Pre-Sales Custom Service
1. Multiple languages on our official website, in order to reach international customers.
2. Professional engineers to assist with customer designs.
3. Multiple languages spoken by our customer service staff.

During Sales Custom Service
1. Advanced production technology and the best raw materials ensure quality.
2. Guaranteed lead time

After Sales Custom Service
1. Assist customers in solving any installation problems
2. Help customers improve and develop new products
3. Long term cooperation with logistics agencies for guaranteed transportation

Order process
1. Provide blueprint of the gas spring and order.
2. Provide the blueprint and picture of the product which needs to be equipped with the gas spring and communicate with us, then we can provide custom gas spring for you.
3. You can also send us the template of the gas spring, we can produce according to it.

1. Our products are used on the walking machine produced by Mi, the most successful brand of China. Mi is strict with the quality of their products so that the walking machine should have adequate buffering. We successfully produced qualified templates after repeated discussion and confirmation. The gas spring is made of materials with high cost performance, saving cost for customers so that the customers are quite satisfy with our service.
2. The gas spring are widely used in the famous tool industry is North America. The tool boxes have different specifications and they are equipped with gas springs of different specifications, pressure and joints. The gas spring should have good buffering performance and tensile strength. We can successfully produce the template with blueprint. The cooperation relationship has been established for many years and Long Xiang gets a good reputation in the market of North America.

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